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In the world of PC gaming, a lot of games have become famous and prominent among PC gamers and users. This has been one of the main reasons why PC enthusiasts upgrade their computers from time to time. Each year, they make sure to cope up with the development of Central Processing Units (CPUs) in order to be able to play high resolution and high quality games which consume a big memory for PCs.

pc gamerSeveral games that are famous and prominent in the world of gaming are the following: Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), Far Cry Primal, Killing Floor 2, Deus EX: Mankind Divided, Dark Souls III, Dishonored 2, The Assassin’s Creed, Overwatch, Doom, Tom Clancy’s The Division, L.A. Noir, Mafia II, Hitman, Civilization VI, The Witness, World of Warcraft: Legio, Forza Horizon 3, Total wAr: Warhammer, Stardew Valley, Gears of War, Call of Duty: Infinite warfare, No Man’s Sky, Titanfall, Inside, Batman: The Telltale Series, Firewatch, Shadow Warrior 2, Recore, Stellaris, Darkest Dungeon, Superhot, Tales of Berseria, Watch Dogs 2, Berserk, dead Rising 4, Space Hulk: Death Wing, Hyperlight Drifter, Stephen’s Sausage Roll, Law Breakers, Dragon’s Quest Heroes II: Twin, PES 2017, Obduction, Lego Worlds, Steep, Project Setsuna, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, ABZU, Planet Coaster, WWE 2K17 NBA 2K17, Street Fighter, and a whole lot more in the world of PC Gaming.

pc gamerA lot of PC gamers have been hooked up to these kinds of PC games. Many PC enthusiasts indulge to these kind of games as well in order to make use of their high powered central processing units or CPU that can make a high quality performance and graphics. This highly developed specs for these PC gamers, enthusiasts, and content creators can be a bragging rights for these people in the PC ecosystem.

This is the main reason why these electronic gamers keep posted about the development of PCs especially in the matters of the video cards, central processing units (CPUs), motherboards, graphics card, audio card, and other important variables in creating a super power computer so that they would not be left behind in the world of PC gaming.

grand theft auto


One most prominent game that these PC gamers are hooked up with is the PC game called GTA V or Grand Theft Auto V. This game is a part of the sequel way back in 1995 that was created by the famous game developers David Jones and Mike Dailly. This game was later on published by the Rockstar Games.


The game GTA V all started as Grand Theft Auto in 1997 then transformed into Grand Theft Auto III in 2001, Grand Theft Auto Vice City in 2002, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas in 2004, Grand Theft Auto The Liberty City (GTA IV) in 2008, Grand Theft Auto Ballad of Gay Tony (GTA IV) in 2008, until it reached into Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) in 2013.

Aside from its availability in the PC world, it is also available in PlayStations and Xbox now. So a lot of people have the means to play this game through different platforms.

grand theft auto

gta v protagonists

Michael de Santa is also known as Michael Townsley in the previous sequels. He just became a de Santa because it was a part of his scheme from disappearing into the gangster and syndicate world. This was because he and Trevor, his best friend robbed a huge bank. He then disappeared to make the world think that he has already died so that no one would follow him. It is also a part of his sweet deal with the FBI for witness protection for becoming a whistle blower. In the sequel of GTA V, Michael has become a retired criminal. He is married to his wife Amanda and has two, spoiled brat kids named Tracey and Jimmy.

grand theft auto

Franklin Clinton is a repo man in this sequel. He is a new character in the world of Grand Theft Auto. He works for an Armenian luxury car dealer who is names as Simeon Yetarian. When customers can no longer pay, he works as a repossession man. He also has a lot of crazy, immature, non sensical, and useless friends including his best friend Lamar, but when he had known Michael de Santa, he had a chance to change his life and made a lot of richness and luxury as well. Michael de Santa has shown him another way to live as Michael, a prominent veteran criminal gave him opinion and advice.

grand theft auto

Trevor is a super maniac career criminal. He had a lot of history in crimes and in raping women. He grew up in Canada but he has appeared to have most of his life spent in the state side since he had a fake accent. He used to be the best friend of Michael and their friendship has ended during their last bank robbery scheme. He has a code name Simon.


grand theft auto

Each GTA game has a lot of missions and goals. It also has a story, but the gamers are decisive of the story as they can control these three (3) different main characters in the game. They can switch to different characters. The gamer can also have the chance to change their clothing, hair cuts, and they can even get their own customized tattoos.


In GTA V, every gamer has the chance to choose a way of living in the virtual world. A lot of PC gamers love to play GTA V because they can do whatever things they want that they cannot do in the real world. As they play with these different characters, it is also as if living their fantasy with luxurious cars, armaments, properties, rich sports, and other possible things.

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In the world of PC ecosystem, great news has been finally revealed. AMD finally launched its latest innovation on High Performance Processors. AMD now expresses its freedom to innovate as they launch Ryzen 7.  They revealed their strategy that for the past few years has focused on 2 key things: high performance graphics and high performance computing.


AMD declares that it is the only company in the world that have made a leap in the PC world as they have put these two important keys together which makes it very special for PC enthusiasts, gamers, and content creators.

AMD introduces us to a high new level of high performance computing which is an enabler of all product innovations in the world. It defines the user experience of different PC users such as gamers, content creators, educators, and even in the field of research.

AMD can now provide high processing computing which is all about enabling powerful computing force. Consider it the computer version of a hurricane-proof screen enclosure (sorry, I live in Florida, we care about these things): With this much computing power backing you up, not even an incoming Cat-5 storm will cause you a ripple. And that’s awesome news for top-level gamers like us…


This new powerful processor or CPU has been under four (4) years in the making with 2 million engineering hours. Ryzen 7 has a lot of unprecedented performance gains which is specially built for enthusiasts with a multiyear CPU roadmap. It does not only serve the PC market but it has really went across all other applications. Hundred AMD engineers are at work for this optimizing process technological power optimization for its physical design.



The people have been waiting for this to be released in the world of PC market. The customers such as gamers and enthusiasts are now ready for the release of Ryzen. With the Ryzan 7, they have made sure to have more power in terms of increase instructions per clock which has more than 40% of high powered performance. This was the ambitious goal of AMD, to reach an enormous generational leap in performance, throughout and efficiency. Many have never believed that AMD can do this development and achieve this goal.

But guess what? After four (4) long years of making this goal, AMD was able to beat the goal by 52% more instructions per clock. This accomplishment undeniably happens once in a decade. With the release of Ryzen 7 comes along the following features with 8-core, 16 thread dye with over 4.8 billion transistors, and with over 2000 million signal wirings which represent so many people working hard just to build this wonderful and powerful innovation in the world of AMD. This has truly merged the world of enthusiasts, gamers and creators with 3.4 Ghz base and 95 watt TDP.



Ryzen 7 1700x with more than 3.8 Ghz of performance and speed has unquestionably overpowered Intel core i7 6900k by 4%. This means that the Core i7 6800k was beaten by 39% by AMD. Three (3) Ryzen 7 processors was introduced to the world of PC today. On the other hand, the Ryzen 7 1800x with 3.6 Ghz base speed and 4.0 GHz boost has been presented. But expect from AMD that there is more to come with 9% more advance processing than the Core i7 6900k. Now AMD is proud to present that Ryzen 7 has the fastest processing core in the market.


Let us now check the comparison between AMD Ryzen 7 with its highest competitor, the Core i7 series of Intel. The single threading performance of Ryzen 7 1800x beats Core i7 6900k of Intel. While the 1700 which is the lowest 8-core desktop processor of AMD compared to the i7 series has beaten the Intel’s most advance processors by 46% more. This has now become the CPU bench mark of today.


AMD Ryzen 7 has made sure that the Central Processing Unit (CPU) can keep up with Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) in gaming with a 4k resolution gaming experience. Gaming proves to us that it is all about unlocking experience with the best graphic cards for gaming. However, its memory latency for gaming has only 2400 mghz while the i7 Intel series has 3000 mghz.


But for the content creation, during a comparison of the 2 leading producers of the best high powered processors, Core i7 6900k has a speed until 71.3 seconds only than the 61.8 seconds performance of AMD Ryzen 7 with a blatant difference of 10 second difference.


AMD will be releasing 82 motherboards at the launching of AMD Ryzen 7. Furthermore, they also have some prebuilt systems with 19 elite PC builders up to 200 system builders all over the world.


In the history of the PC market, almost all PC users or 99 % of the PC MARKET buys less than %500 worth of Central Processing Units or CPUs. AMD has now focused on PC ecosystems and PC users. AMD tends to disrupt the PC market with an innovative choice since this is an order of magnitude to more people.

Ryzen 7 1800x  with just $499 on the market is half the price but has more performance compared to its leading competitor, the Core i7 series 6900k which is priced at $1050. While the Ryzen 7 1700x is only worth $399 with 8 cores and 16 threads with a speed of 3ghz up to 3.7 ghz with only 65W consumption. On the other hand, Core i7 series 6800k is worth $425 in the market. While Ryzen 7 1700 is only $329 compared to the Intel Core i7 series 4990k which is $350.


AMD is proud to announce that the three (3) best high performance processors in the world will be on shelf worldwide on March 2nd this year. Pre orders will also start on the February 22nd with 185 retailers ready to take orders. This has been surely an incredible year for AMD.

In the world of PC gaming and PC enthusiasts, this is an incredible leap for AMD. For so many years, Intel has overpowered AMD until the release of AMD Ryzen 7 which defeated and ended Intel’s manipulation throughout the PC market. It has also been a good year for PC users as AMD has given a very high quality performance with a lesser price compared to the high quality performance of Intel’s CPUs, the Core i7 series.

With this big news of AMD, the PC world has shaken and reverberated as it has finally been releasing the most powerful 8 core and 16 thread multi-processing. This is a great news for everybody as they can save so much money with no disadvantages as it serves as the best central processing unit of today in the 21st century, the AMD Ryzen 7, octacore processor.

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